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Michael Galais

Michael Galais

With Parisian expertise from Jacques Dessange, Michael Galais opened “Camille Albane” in Paris. Now in Singapore, he crafts low-maintenance, stylish cuts, blending French precision with adaptability to Singapore’s climate while offering a stunning view at his 58th-floor salon.
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What is it?

Michael Galais is a distinguished French hairstylist based in Singapore. With expertise honed in the vibrant world of Parisian hairstyling, Michael brings a touch of French elegance and creativity to his salon. Renowned for his precision cuts, innovative techniques, and personalized approach, Michael Galais ensures that each client receives a tailored and sophisticated hairstyling experience. His commitment to quality and attention to detail have made him a sought-after name in the Singaporean haircare scene, where he continues to craft beautiful and timeless looks for his diverse clientele.

Why we love it?

We love Michael Galais for transforming hairstyling into an art form. His Parisian flair and mastery in the craft elevate every visit to his salon into a personalized and sophisticated experience. Michael’s commitment to precision and innovation ensures that clients not only leave with beautiful hair but also a renewed sense of confidence. His ability to blend French elegance with individualized care makes him a standout in the Singaporean haircare scene, earning the admiration and loyalty of those seeking a touch of Parisian glamour in their hairstyling journey.

So Chic Tip

Clients are welcome home to get a cut with a breath-taking view on Singapore from the 58th floor!

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French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore