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La Filippine

La Filippine

La Filippine, born in 2017, merges French finesse with Filipino craftsmanship. Julia Barba-Baudlot, the Filipino-Franco creator in Singapore, crafts accessories balancing natural elements and urban elegance. With a commitment to fair trade, La Filippine collaborates with Filipino artisans, intertwin




What is it?

La Filippine is a contemporary accessory brand founded in October 2017. The brand is characterized by its French-inspired design and is crafted by Filipino artisans. The creator, Julia Barba-Baudlot, who is Filipino-Franco and based in Singapore, incorporates her heritage in craftsmanship and experience in gallery art to create accessories that blend natural and polished elements. The collection features pieces made from woven natural fibers, reflecting a balance between rustic and urban aesthetics. La Filippine collaborates with small family businesses across the Philippines, emphasizing fair trade principles, and showcasing the industrious spirit of Filipino women.

Why we love it?

We love La Filippine for its unique blend of French design subtleties and Filipino artisanal craftsmanship. The accessories strike a harmonious balance between natural elements and polished aesthetics, offering a distinct and elegant style. Beyond fashion, the brand’s commitment to fair trade principles and collaboration with small family businesses showcases a socially conscious approach, making each piece not just a fashion statement but a story of craftsmanship and empowerment.

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