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Club Med

Club Med

Club Med : Unmatched all-inclusive vacations. From stunning resorts worldwide to diverse activities, they redefine leisure with premium hospitality, adventure, and relaxation for all ages.




What is it

Club Med is a well-known global chain of premium all-inclusive resorts and holiday destinations. Established in 1950, Club Med offers a wide range of vacation experiences in various locations around the world.
The brand is renowned for its emphasis on providing all-inclusive vacation packages that encompass accommodation, dining, drinks, entertainment, and various activities. Club Med resorts cater to diverse travelers, including families, couples, groups, and solo travelers, offering a blend of relaxation, entertainment, and adventure.
Each Club Med resort is designed to provide a unique experience, offering amenities such as sports facilities, spas, kids’ clubs, entertainment shows, and a variety of excursions and activities tailored to the location—ranging from skiing and water sports to cultural experiences and wellness retreats.

Why we love it?

We love Club Med because firstly, it offers an all-inclusive vacation experience that eliminates the stress of planning and budgeting. The comprehensive packages cover accommodation, dining, drinks, entertainment, and an array of activities, providing guests with a hassle-free and immersive holiday.

The variety of destinations and experiences is another reason for its appeal. Club Med resorts are located in diverse locations worldwide, from tropical beaches to ski resorts, catering to different preferences and allowing guests to choose their ideal setting for relaxation or adventure.

Moreover, the brand’s emphasis on activities and entertainment ensures there’s something for everyone. From sports facilities and guided excursions to kids’ clubs and evening entertainment, Club Med curates a vibrant atmosphere that suits families, couples, friends, and solo travelers alike.

So Chic Tip

If you’re in Singapore, don’t hesitate to head to the superb Club Med Bintan for a short break from the daily grind.

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French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore