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French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore

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The Best French Restaurants for Valentine Day in Singapore

Discover the Best French Restaurants in Singapore for a perfect date night on Valentine Day

We love Riviera because its menu is classy and chic for an elegant romantic evening. You will find exceptional dishes prepared with love for you. And above all, enjoy the sublime setting at Riviera. Book a table overlooking the Marina to be dazzled by both your loved one and the view.

On the Menu you will find 6 unique courses and French Canapes. Our favorite courses from the Menu are the one entitled “My Proposal” : a snow-aged wagyu beef sirloin and the one named “Our Second Date” A Brittany Blue Lobster accompany by a glass of Red Wine

The Valentine Day Menu cost 288SGD ++ per person

We love this restaurant for its wine and food pairings. The drinks go wonderfully with the dishes and you’ll discover flavours that are all the more beautiful for it. Delight your lover with this exceptional menu

On the Menu you will find 5 incredible and delicious courses. Our favorites are definitely the Wild Seabass with Champagne Sauce and Kristal Caviar and the Berlingots, a classic French dish composed of pasta parcels filled with Comté. And be ready for the last touch of this delicious menu with the exquisite White Mille-feuille, created by the chef with Grapefruit, batak berry and hibiscus with Rose Chantilly!

Bonne Appetit !

The Valentine Day Menu cost 438SGD per person and the Voyage Pairing 288SGD

We love this menu for its complementary options. Choose different options from your partner and then pick from their plate to discover all the flavours concocted by Merci Marcel. The dishes on the menu are all delicious and we can’t recommend the strawberries for dessert, the perfect romantic touch.

On the Menu you will find everything you want on your plate for a Valentine Day Dinner. A Fresh Burrata or Scallop with truffle to start, a delicious chicken breast or barramundi as a main and finally end your dinner with Fresh Strawberries (our favorite!) or a chocolate fudge!

The Valentine Day Menu cost 89SGD ++ per person

We love this Valentine’s Day menu because it offers a delightful culinary experience perfect for celebrating love and romance. With its elegant presentation and delectable flavors, this exclusive menu promises to create cherished memories for couples on Valentine’s Day. The funny part of this experience, SO France have created a “Him” and a “Her” but don’t worry the goal is to try your partner’s courses too. Menu Book your seats in advance at Duo & Claymore bistros to secure a delightful dining experience.

The curated 4-course couples’ menu features a tantalizing selection of French-inspired dishes that cater to different tastes and preferences, ensuring a memorable dining experience for both partners. From the exquisite pan-seared Foie Gras to the succulent Beef Tenderloin with lyonnaise potatoes, each dish is expertly crafted to please the palate and set the mood for a romantic evening. The thoughtful inclusion of chocolate desserts adds a sweet touch to the celebration, rounding off the meal on a delicious note.

The Valentine Day Menu cost 85SGD ++ per person

We hope you find the perfect restaurant for you and your loved one! So have a great night and Happy Valentine Day!

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French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore