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So France Bistro

So France Bistro

SO France, a contemporary French bistro and gourmet store, infuses Singapore with a touch of joie de vivre since 2018
  • 7 Fraser Street Duo Galleria #01-51/56 Bugis MRT, Singapore 189356
  • 1 Claymore Drive #01-01 On, Claymore Rd, 229594




What is it?

So France is a dining establishment known for offering authentic French comfort food alongside an extensive array of French wines, all within a relaxed and casual setting. This gastronomic destination aims to provide an experience reminiscent of the comforting and familiar flavors found in traditional French cuisine.
The menu typically features a range of classic French dishes known for their hearty and comforting qualities, such as coq au vin, boeuf bourguignon, or cassoulet, among others. These dishes often showcase the rustic and flavorful side of French cooking, evoking a sense of warmth and satisfaction.

Why we love it?

We cherish So France for several reasons. It’s a haven for those seeking an authentic taste of France in a relaxed, casual setting. The restaurant’s commitment to serving genuine French comfort food brings an instant feeling of warmth and satisfaction. Whether indulging in classics like coq au vin or savoring a comforting boeuf bourguignon, each dish embodies the heart and soul of traditional French cuisine.

So Chic Tip

If you’re feeling a little hungry, don’t hesitate to try So France Afternoon Menu to experience what we call a “Gouter” in France.

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French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore