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How to enjoy the French Apéritif — Aperol spritz with style

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How to enjoy the French Apéritif — Aperol spritz with style

You have probably heard of Aperol spritz, but have you heard of its cousin, Apéritif? Widely popular in Europe, especially France and Italy, Apéritif is a refreshing alcoholic drink served before a meal to whet one’s appetite. While it is mostly served as a liquid appetiser, Apéritifs can also be enjoyed as an alcoholic beverage on its own, to wind down after work or during happy hour.

With so many variations to an Apéritif, how do you assemble a good one? For starters, there are three main guidelines to follow: 1) use a low-sugar base, 2) ensure that the alcohol content is kept low and 3) lean towards lighter and bitter or dry flavours. These three combined will help to stimulate the appetite.

Apéritifs can also be wine-based of spirit-based. Some good options for a wine-based Apéritif are:

1) Dry rosé wine — a crisp Pinot Noir is a great pre-meal drink
2) Chablis — go for something mineral and fresh
3) Champagne — choose a sparkling or semi-sparkling dry Prosecco (extra brut or brut)

These can all be found online at So France, which offers islandwide delivery (free above a spend of S$120).

The next type of Apéritifs are spirit-based. The most common spirit used in Apéritifs is gin — its dry and slightly bitter notes makes it a perfect ingredient in a pre-meal drink which will not dull the appetite. The most basic and classic Apéritif is the gin and tonic, which also makes for a great summer cocktail for anytime of the day.

If you want to level up your Apéritif game, another alternative is the Negroni which comprises equal parts gin (we recommend Citadelle Gin), Campari and sweet vermouth — which can be delivered via Le Petit Depot.

Finally, if you are hosting a party with pre-drinks and appetisers, we have created the ultimate guide to assemble a cheese and charcuterie board for you reference. The guide includes guidelines for putting the perfect cheese and charcuterie board together, including links to buy the ingredients. Who can resist cheese, cured meat and alcohol, right?

LPB Market is also holding a virtual wine fair till September 24th, with curated wines from various French cities for an experiential wine tasting. Their wine list can be found here, and delivery or pick-up can be arranged within two days.



French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore