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Your Sparkling Dream Comes True, with L’Excellence Diamond

Happy New Year 2019! New resolutions and new objectives set in the rhythm of love? A fulfilling and brilliant year awaits you! As we usher in 2019, we’ll share some good advice to make this fresh start even more sparkling: Precious and immaculate pieces of jewellery for yourself and your loved ones! 60 years of family legacy at the heart of bespoke French fine jewellery… L’Excellence is here to guide you through the glowing dream of precious gemstones!


Everything starts with the selection of the precious gemstone which will be the centre piece of your jewel. You are spoiled for choice: dazzling diamonds to noble sapphires, fiery rubies or mesmerizing emeralds?

“Diamonds are forever”, the name diamond is derived from the ancient Greek adámas which means “unalterable”, “unbreakable”, diamonds are indeed eternal, of the highest hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale. Diamonds have been treasured since ancient India c. 600 BCE and its shine spread to the whole world wide, blessing bearers of sparkles of good luck, romance and protection. Let the auspicious shimmers surround you as they will stay and last forever and beyond.

Expert Tip: To look as beautiful as it should be, a diamond must shine – cut and clarity grades are of prime importance.

Sapphires and Rubies are part of the same mineral family called corundum and differ in colour, because of the presence of titanium and iron in a blue sapphire while chromium is responsible for the red colour of a ruby. Also of an extreme hardness of 9 in the Mohs scale, sapphires and rubies have been coveted for their captivating colours. There is a strong love affair between celebrities and blue sapphires, from Kate Middleton to Jennifer Aniston, beside sharing celebritydom, they all have a sapphire ring. Indeed, until the seventeenth century, only royalty could wear this exquisite gemstone. Like sapphires, rubies enact as a safeguard to protect its wearer against evil and attract auspicious opportunities. With its warm colour representing the sun, ruby naturally appeals to everyone.

Expert Tip: Colour is the most important criteria for coloured gemstones.

Last but not least, 2019 is the year of the “vedette” gem, the green emerald. Starring gemstone in the latest hit movie “Crazy Rich Asians”, the emerald is the latest tendance for sophisticated ladies. Said to convey positive energy and inner well-being especially for ladies, it is actually the preferred gemstone of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt and a favourite amongst celebrities, including Angelina Jolie. It does not come as a surprise, as its rich and intense green colour never fails to captivate the eyes and impress on the red carpet. An interesting fact is that blemishes or inclusions in an emerald are often admired for the intricacy of the lines depicting a so-called “jardin” which stands for garden in French: a unique footprint and personality.

Expert Tip: Fine quality emeralds of top colour and clarity are not as readily available making each piece very unique, so if one emerald catches your eyes, it means it shall be yours!

Dare to be yourself

The ultimate level of sophistication and true satisfaction appears when you are in harmony with yourself. Bespoke jewellery is a way of expressing your aspirations, personality and story: as unique as you are, your jewellery shall be distinctive too, reflecting and defending who you are.

Your jewellery shall be distinctive too, reflecting and defending who you are.

Impress your Valentine with a jewel that says “I love you.”

As Valentine’s Day is coming, time to think about a special and meaningful piece of jewellery for the exceptional woman in your life. Be the maestro this year, with L’Excellence by your side, craft a unique gift in the most thoughtful and sincere way. Why not celebrate it with Diamonds & Rose gold?

About “L’Excellence

Ever felt the desire to know much more about your favourite gemstones? Ever fancied having a bespoke piece of jewellery, designed and created especially for you by the best artisan of French savoir-faire? Ever dreamt about making an occasion a truly special celebration, by gifting your loved ones, a custom-made jewel that sparks your unique melody of love?

With L’Excellence, shopping for this perfect bespoke jewellery and perfect gift is now made possible! Gain invaluable expert insights on how to select and appreciate the precious gemstones directly sourced from the mines for you, you will make great savings. Customise the jewellery to your very own personal preferences, with each detail made possible by the perfection of French craftsmanship standards.

L’Excellence warmly welcomes you by prior appointment only, please visit:
For any member of the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, get your bespoke jewellery with 100 SGD discount!

French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore