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Lillet, a quintessential aperitif, embodies French sophistication. Crafted with finesse since 1872, its aromatic blend of wines and fruit liqueurs offers a refreshing, versatile drink. Sip on tradition and elegance with each vibrant pour of Lillet.




What is it

Lillet is a French aperitif wine, renowned for its unique blend of wine and citrus liqueurs. Created in the Bordeaux region, it’s crafted from a precise combination of Bordeaux wines and macerated fruit liqueurs, primarily citrus-based. This combination imparts a complex yet refreshing taste profile, often described as fruity, floral, and subtly herbal. There are different variations of Lillet, such as Lillet Blanc, Lillet Rouge, and Lillet Rosé, each offering its distinct flavor profile. It’s commonly enjoyed on its own over ice with a twist of citrus or as a key ingredient in cocktails like the classic Vesper Martini.

Why we love it

We love Lillet for its distinctive blend of wine and citrus liqueurs that creates a refreshingly complex flavor profile, both versatile and enjoyable. The aromatic and fruity notes, coupled with subtle herbal undertones, make it a delightful aperitif.

So Chic Tip

Use Lillet in your next cocktail to prepare the Lillet Tonic : 5cl of Lillet, 10cl of Tonic, Ice Cube and a Slice of Orange and Voila! The perfect cocktail for summer !

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French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore