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French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore

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5 French Artists to discover in Singapore

D’Gers, a visionary artist hailing from Franche-Comté, brings a unique perspective to the world of art in Singapore. With a passion for sustainability and creativity, D’Gers transforms recycled ECO materials into captivating works of art, each one-of-a-kind and impossible to replicate. Drawing inspiration from her extensive international experience and artistic background, D’Gers fosters connections and community through her innovative approach to art. Her commitment to environmental stewardship and mental health awareness shines through in her eco-conscious brand and dedication to nurturing emotional well-being through art workshops and community initiatives. As a member of the Women Artists Association in Singapore and the Singapore Art Society, D’Gers continues to make a lasting impact on the local art scene, enriching lives and spaces with her vibrant creations.

Sophie Personeni, the talented artist behind Atelier Reiwa, brings the timeless art of ikebana to life in Singapore. Having lived in Tokyo for seven years, Sophie was drawn to the beauty and elegance of ikebana, studying under the esteemed Sogetsu school for its modern approach and creative freedom. Since becoming a master in 2016, Sophie has passionately shared her expertise, culminating in the creation of Atelier Reiwa. We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Sophie on events like the Diptyque x Atelier Reiwa, where her floral creations added a touch of grace and sophistication. Through Atelier Reiwa, Sophie invites you to discover the artistry and tranquility of ikebana, offering her knowledge and creativity to elevate any space. With Reiwa symbolizing elegance and harmony, Sophie’s creations embody a sense of serenity and reverence for nature, making each arrangement a masterpiece of beauty and balance.

In the realm of City Pop art, Nicolas Damiens stands out as a visionary artist who has brought the vibrant aesthetic to the streets of Singapore. Originally from Paris, Nicolas relocated to Singapore two years ago, bringing with him his unique perspective and creative prowess. Through his project “City Pop,” Nicolas has transformed Singapore’s landscape into a dreamy, pastel-hued paradise reminiscent of the iconic visuals associated with the City Pop genre. His Instagram page, @city_pop, showcases his digitally manipulated photographs, where he accentuates geometric features and removes unnecessary details to create minimalist yet captivating compositions. With each image, Nicolas aims to evoke a sense of nostalgia and retro ambiance, offering viewers a timeless escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Through his artistic vision, Nicolas invites us to immerse ourselves in the allure of City Pop, turning Singapore into a vibrant canvas of urban beauty and artistic expression.

Hélène Le Chatelier, a French artist residing in Singapore for over a decade, brings a captivating perspective to the art world. Through her evocative ink-on-paper technique, she explores the intricate interplay between the human body and the ephemeral essence of existence. Her art transcends cultural boundaries, melding elements of traditional Chinese painting with European influences, capturing the delicate balance between emotion and corporeality. Each brushstroke represents a poignant moment in time, echoing the irreversible passage of life and the accumulation of memories. With a background in fine arts from the Ecole National Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art in Paris, Hélène’s multidisciplinary approach to artistry reflects her unwavering commitment to storytelling and the pursuit of harmony. Through her work, she invites viewers to contemplate the tender complexities of human vulnerability and resilience, reminding us that life’s journey is etched in both pleasure and pain.

Cécile, the visionary behind Atelier Louise M, seamlessly merges her background in engineering with her passion for art. With 18 years of experience as a Project Manager and Senior Consultant in industrial performance, she brings a unique perspective to her artistic endeavors. Inspired by familial ties, Cécile founded Atelier Louise M in 2010, infusing her artwork with a blend of creativity and professional expertise. For over a decade, she has masterfully combined her consulting skills with her artistic vision, crafting bespoke projects tailored to each client’s needs. Through active listening and innovative consulting methods, Cécile ensures that every piece from Atelier Louise M reflects the essence of her clients’ desires.

French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore