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French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore

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Affordable French Restaurants under 50$

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures, and its cuisine reflects that diversity. From Michelin-starred restaurants to hawker centers, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. But if you’re looking for a taste of France without breaking the bank, you’re in luck. Here are 5 French restaurants in Singapore where you can get a delicious meal for under $50.

Nestled in the heart of Dempsey Hill, Atout stands as a haven for authentic French gastronomy. Led by the talented Chef Patrick Heuberger, this restaurant offers a refined culinary experience in a rustic and warm setting.

For those seeking a flavorsome and affordable lunch, Atout unveils an exceptional set menu priced at only SGD 48. This three-course meal invites you to savor the delights of classic French cuisine, prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Must-Try Dish: Warm classic thin apple and almond tart.

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For a more casual French fare, So France offers two enticing set lunch options under $50. Their 2-course menu lets you choose from a starter like their signature “La Viande du Jour” (meat of the day) or “Le Poisson du Jour” (catch of the day), followed by a decadent dessert for just SGD 28. Craving a bit more? So France also boasts a 3-course set lunch at SGD 32, featuring a starter, a main course like their “Terrine de Campagne” (pork pâté) or the “Soupe du Jour” (soup of the day), and a delightful dessert to complete your French lunch experience.

Merci Marcel is a popular French bistro with several locations across Singapore. They offer a wide variety of French dishes, including both classic and modern fare. Their menu is à la carte, but you can get a two-course meal for under SGD 50 if you choose the kale pesto risoni pasta (SGD 21) for an appetizer and the famous Royan ravioli (SGD 28) for your main course. If you’re in the mood for dessert, you can swap out the appetizer for the crème brûlée (SGD 12).

La Table d’Emma is a delightful French bistro that offers a cozy and authentic dining experience. They have two unique options for lunch under SGD 50.

Nostalgic Pot-au-feu from My Childhood

Embrace the warmth of home cooking with their “Nostalgic Pot-au-feu from My Childhood”. This hearty two-course meal, designed for two, features a classic French pot-au-feu, a slow-cooked stew brimming with tender meat, vegetables, and aromatic broth. Indulge in this comforting dish for SGD 90, or SGD 45 per person.

La Table d’Emma’s Signature Flammekueche

If you’re seeking a taste of Alsace, look no further than their signature flammekueche. This thin-crust flatbread pizza comes in various flavors, ranging from SGD 20 to SGD 28. Each bite delivers a symphony of textures and flavors, making it a true bistro classic.

French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore