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So Chic Review of French Restaurant La Table D’Emma

Craving a taste of France with a twist? Look no further than La Table d’Emma, a captivating new restaurant on Club Street! This vibrant spot promises an authentic Alsatian flair, transporting you to a region known for its hearty dishes and warm hospitality. We recently had the pleasure of indulging in a delightful lunchtime experience at La Table d’Emma, and we’re eager to share our recommendations to help you curate your own Alsatian adventure.

About la Table d’Emma

Craving a taste of France with a unique twist? La Table d’Emma, nestled on Club Street, whisks you away to the charming Alsace region. We celebrate Alsatian traditions with hearty dishes like the iconic Tarte Flambée (Flemmakueche to us!), alongside comforting stews and creative flammekueche variations.

Chef Michael Muller’s passion for his heritage infuses every bite. Inspired by childhood memories and the joy of shared meals, La Table d’Emma embodies the spirit of “La table d’amis” – the friends’ table.

More than a meal: Our warm ambiance and friendly service create a haven for connecting with loved ones. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or seeking a French escape, La Table d’Emma promises a transformative culinary experience.

A touch of whimsy: Butterflies, symbolizing change and personal potential, grace our décor – a nod to Chef Muller’s childhood home and a reminder to embrace new adventures.

What we love

Our recent visit to La Table d’Emma unfolded as a delightful journey for both the palate and the heart. From the moment we stepped inside, the restaurant’s warm, family-like atmosphere captivated us. Engaging stories shared by Chef Mikael, Emma and all the staff there fostered a friendly environment, encouraging connection and creating a sense of belonging.

The open kitchen, visible from the dining area, was a spectacle in itself. We witnessed chefs passionately preparing authentic dishes using fresh, seasonal ingredients. This transparency fostered a connection to the culinary process, adding another layer of appreciation to every bite.

La Table d’Emma’s bar area is a true gem. Boasting elegant décor and an impressive selection of beverages, it serves as the perfect spot to unwind before your meal or linger for an after-dinner drink. The atmosphere here is warm and welcoming, and the staff is always happy to guide you towards the perfect cocktail or glass of wine.

Our culinary adventure at La Table d’Emma commenced with an explosion of flavors. The crispy pork rind chips were a delightful prelude, their delicate crunch giving way to a rich, savory sensation. The star of the show, however, was undoubtedly the Flemmakueche, the restaurant’s signature dish. We savored both the classic crème fraîche, caramelized onion, and bacon variation and the crème fraîche, caramelized onion, and mushroom iteration. The thin, crispy dough provided the perfect base for the symphony of flavors, while the caramelized onions shone with a sweetness that balanced the savory notes perfectly.

Each bite was a testament to the culinary expertise of La Table d’Emma, leaving us eager to explore the depths of their menu on future visits.

For our main courses, we unanimously preferred the soupe à l’oignon, a classic French onion soup that epitomized comfort and warmth. The rich, savory broth, punctuated by tender caramelized onions and topped with golden-brown croutons and melted Gruyère cheese, was a culinary masterpiece. Each spoonful was a journey of pure indulgence, leaving us feeling satiated and utterly content.

Be forewarned, the soupe à l’oignon is a hearty dish, so save room for a taste of their other delectable offerings but don’t feel obligated to order a full main course after this culinary delight.

As our culinary journey at La Table d’Emma drew to a close, we were treated to a grand finale of sweet indulgences. The chef’s selection of three desserts – the tarte tatin, the mousse au chocolat, and the riz au lait – left us all utterly captivated.

The tarte tatin, a classic French upside-down apple tart, was a symphony of textures and flavors. The caramelized apples, perfectly caramelized and infused with a hint of cinnamon, were encased in a buttery, flaky pastry crust, creating a delightful contrast between soft and crisp.

The mousse au chocolat, rich and decadent, was a chocolate lover’s dream. The airy, velvety texture melted in the mouth, leaving us craving more.

For me personally, the riz au lait stood out as the star of the show. This traditional rice pudding, infused with a hint of vanilla and topped with a generous layer of crunchy nougatine and a drizzle of salted caramel, was an explosion of textures and flavors. The creamy rice pudding, perfectly cooked and infused with subtle sweetness, was complemented by the crunchy nougatine and the salty-sweet caramel, creating a harmonious balance that left me wanting more.

French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore