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French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore

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15 Best French Wines to shop in Singapore

You live in Singapore and miss French wine? Or you want to discover this French treasure?

The vast and confusing wine lists are enough to make anyone nervous. But fret not: here are some of the best French wines to shop in Singapore. Bonne dégustation!

Rouge – Red Wines

Red wine involves a process in which the grapes are pressed into juice, and then the grape juice and skins are placed together into vats for fermentation. In the fermentation process, the colour from the skins is broken down, and the wine becomes a dark red or brown.

Crozes Hermitage

Blood red colour. This classic French wine is medium-bodied, deep in colour, with aromas of red and black berry fruits, freshly ground pepper and a rich, smooth finish. Body has high tannins with acidity.

To pair with: All meats and poultry, cooked pork meats, all types of cheese… Famous French meals in Singapore

Thierry Germain

Fresh and fruity, going straight to a liquorice finish, the pleasure grows from sip to sip! Elected Winemaker of the Year in 2011, Thierry Germain offers us a perfect match for this gourmet wine from the Loire.

To pair with: Aperitif, starter, deli meats… Famous French meals in Singapore

Château Vaugelas

An extremely pleasant nose of red fruits, vanilla and spices (Grenache, Syrah, Old Carignan, Cinsaut & Mourvèdre). In the mouth, this wine is soft and velvety and the tannins are not excessive.

To pair with: Red meat, poultry, spicy food, pasta, all types of cheese… Famous French meals in Singapore

Château Pontet Plaisance

Very deep crimson in colour, Château Pontet Plaisance is ripe, full and generous with a touch of minerality. Light on fruit, with blackberry and cassis fruit and a note of toasty oak. Earthy and rich, medium bodied with good concentration and fine supple tannins.

To pair with: Beef, lamb, Game (deer, venison), poultry… Famous French meals in Singapore


A few kilometres from Saint-Emilion, Merlot is the essential component of the Crésus wine, which is on average 45 years old. This early variety with red fruit aromas, softer and fleshier than its cousin Cabernet, gives a supple wine that evolves quickly.

To pair with:beef, veal, game meat (deer, venison), poultry… Famous French meals in Singapore

Blanc – White Wines

In the vinification of white wine, the grape skins are immediately filtered, leaving only the juice for fermentation. That’s why white wine, even after fermentation, remains very similar in colour to the pale gold of grape juice.

Domaine Vocoret & fils

Citrus and elderflower aroma wit little hint of yeast and minerals. Honest and fresh expression of Chardonnay with nice mineral length.

To pair with: Pork, rich fish (salmon, tuna), shellfish, mild and soft cheese …Famous French meals in Singapore

Maison Montille

This Chardonnay offers floral scents with nuances of citrusy and pear. The medium-bodied flavors possess a seductive mouth feel as well as good verve while offering fine length on the balanced and citrusy finish

To pair with: Lobster, crab, salmon. roasted chicken and creamy sauces Famous French meals in Singapore

Domaine de Cibadiès

A superb Chardonnay from Languedoc with aromas of peach, vanilla and flowers. Beautiful straw yellow color of great limpidity and brillance. A generous and harmonious palate of exceptional volume and great smoothness.

To pair with: Aperitif, white meat, poultry in white sauce, fish, goat cheese…Famous French meals in Singapore

La chablisienne

A light, pale green coloured wine. A dry, medium body, that’s light on fruitiness. Fresh bouquet of honeysuckle, anise, hints of grass and orange. Notes of lime dominate the tasting, giving this wine instant freshness.This refreshing quality is quickly counterbalanced by a pleasant bitterness.

To pair with: Pork, Rich fish (salmon, tuna etc), shellfish, mild and soft cheese … Famous French meals in Singapore

Alain Jaume & fils

The colour of this cote du Rhone wine is pale yellow, brilliant with a gold tinge. It has primary aroma of flowers and stone fruit. On the palate, the fruit is immediately present with touches of almond and white peach.

To pair with: pork, poultry, rich fish, cheese, cured meat… Famous French meals in Singapore

Rosé Wines

Rosé is fermented in much the same way as red wine. The only difference being that the juice is exposed to the skin for a shorter length of time. Because the grape juice and skins are in contact for only a short amount of time, just a small amount of the colour from the skins is broken down into the juice, thus making rosé a pale red.

Cave Augustin Florent

Decent summer wine. Strawberries with a smooth and herbal finish. Dryish taste, fresh and acidic. The finish is warmer and rounder.

To pair with: Pork, shellfish, vegetarian, poultry,… Famous French meals in Singapore

Château Simone

Chateau Simone rosé, with a deep ruby colour with amber reflections, is nervous and known for its body, its finesse and the delicacy of its fruit. On delicate notes of red fruits it shows a strong vivacity.

To pair with: White meats and poultry, fish, cheese, omelet… Famous French meals in Singapore

Maison Badet-Clément

This Cuvée Prestige is a top quality French Wine which blends the qualities of 3 grape varieties cultivated in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Powerful flavors of ripe fruits and dried flowers. Much freshness in mouth with a well balanced finish (Grenache, Carignan & Cinsault).

To pair with: Aperitif, salad, grilled food, pizza, stuffed peppers… Famous French meals in Singapore

Fat bastard

A clear salmon color in the glass, this value-priced rosé opens with attractive notes of white flowers, strawberry and peach, with the faintest hint of white chocolate in the back. Despite the rich, ripe aromas, the mouthfeel is lightweight and well balanced by ample orangy acidity.

To pair with: BBQ, picnic, light bites, spicy food… Famous French meals in Singapore

Hecht & Bannier

Our Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence rosé echoes white fruits and pêche de vigne but also delicate herbal notes of tarragon, bergamot and lime flower. The wine, lifted by a tang of fresh ginger, is refreshing on the palate.

To pair with: Accras, sautees shrimps in garlic or la soupe au pistou… Famous French meals in Singapore

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French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore