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Where to buy Easter Chocolates in Singapore

With Easter just a few days away, it’s time for all the chocolate lovers to splurge on the classic delicious chocolate eggs and bunnies to complete the festive celebration!

Today enjoy So Chic‘s best-picked selection of French chocolatiers in Singapore who are getting creative every year with their creations that we love so much.

In France, the Easter Egg Hunt, known as “La Chasse Aux Oeufs,” is a cherished tradition. It starts on Sunday morning after the bells have flown back on Saturday night. When someone shouts “les cloches sont passées,” children rush outside (or inside) to collect hidden chocolate or sugar eggs, hens, roosters, chicks, bunnies, lambs, and flying bells – all symbolic of Easter, spring, and renewal.

In the past, children decorated real eggs, boiled and colored them with onion juice for red, radish for pink, and ivy for green. However, nowadays, chocolate and sugar eggs have replaced the real ones in this tradition.

Keep your eyes peeled at LPB Market because their Easter products have been known to sell out fast! From their Joyful Hamper for the chocolate lovers to their Easter So Cheese Platter for the non-lovers, it’s a guaranteed great gift or way to share the sweet moment with family, friends or colleagues!

For a more elegant touch, indulge in So France‘s Comtesse Du Barry’s decorative porcelain Easter eggs that come available filled with praline and almond-splits! You can enjoy this egg adorned in beige hues and floral motifs with the mini chocolate eggs which are encase inside the egg. We love special surprises!

You can also celebrate Easter with decadent, delicious and adorable treats from Bovetti available in the So France market ! Grabs yours before it sells out!

For all your last minute Easter preparation, browse their Easter selection and get your orders now at Le Petit Depot. From the classic chocolate bunnies to mystical unicorn white chocoalte treats, they are sure to be a fun and edible centrepiece on the table!

Eggs to hide, moldings, chickens, rabbits and fish filled, liqueur eggs. A large choice of Easter chocolates in milk, dark or even white! In search of exception; discover their master chocolatier Maison Rannou-Métivier. in Singapore

Hop on for a fun-tastic Easter with PAUL as we bring back three best-selling dark chocolate tartlets with hazelnuts, sea salt and one with chocolate eggs!

Have a bunny good time with the cutest chocolate house made of soft almond biscuits and gianduja mousse as well as praline pastry roof decorated with edible marzipan shaped as carrots. A handmade bunny face icing on a cookie makes for the door, accompanied by mini chocolate eggs to celebrate the popular tradition.

Wildness Organic Chocolate will be offering exclusive dark chocolate creations led by a French woman named Marie. Their savoir faire is the art of chocolate with varying intensity of cacao beans making in the French way. They put their whole heart in their chocolate!

French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore