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So Chic at the 50 World’s Best Bars 2023

Last night, in the vibrant landscape of Singapore, one of the most prestigious ceremonies in the field of hospitality took place: the World 50 Best Bar Awards. This event, which marked its inauguration in Asia, was the setting for an exceptional evening that So Chic had the honour of attending.

I invite you to make yourself comfortable and dive into the delights of the forthcoming article, which will reveal the captivating details of this memorable evening.

Let yourself be swept away by the enchanting tales as we relive together every moment of our wild evening at the World 50 Best Bar Awards.

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, lion city, garden city, for one evening transforms itself into the cocktail city. As soon as you arrive, the tone is set in this immense industrial building, where an alleyway of 16 ephemera bars has been created. Each one run by the greatest talents in the world of mixology.

Each cocktail has its own story. It’s inspired by the story of its creators, of those splendid combinations that transcend frontiers and time.

Having had the chance to try them, I wouldn’t be able to tell you my favourite. Each had its own charm and exquisite taste and I experienced a real explosion of continuous flavour. On the other hand, I was able to put the question to several experts, some of the 50 best bartenders in the world, and there seemed to be a consensus around the Old Fashioned!

But beyond this celebration of the senses, what I’ll remember most of all is the atmosphere. The atmosphere of warmth and affection that reigned in the room. The Parisian bartenders singing and hugging their Buenos Aires friends. The cocktails here captured this idea perfectly, uniting people, creating bridges between them and their culture.

So, the 50 Best Bar Awards wasn’t really a competition, it was a reunion, a gathering for cocktail enthusiasts from all over the world.

After this moment of reunion, came the heart of the evening, the crowning of the 50 best bars in the world. It was an emotional moment that saw the SIPS bar (Barcelona) climb to the top of the podium. On the French side, Little Red Door and Cambridge proudly flew the flag for Paris in 6th and 38th place respectively.

Honorary awards were also handed out throughout the evening, including the Ketel One sustainability award and the Campari One to Watch! You can find the full list of winners in the link below:

World’s 50 Best Bars Complete List

Finally, once the tears of joy had finished flowing, it was time for the press conference. So Chic was lucky enough to be invited.

It was an opportunity for us to have a privileged chat with SIPS, officially voted best bar in the world 2023. Notably about the future and the next generations.

Here’s what they had to say on the subject:

“Young people are our driving force! Young people are two things at once. Firstly, they push you, they make you stronger. They are the future of the hotel industry. The second thing is that we have a responsibility to them. We have to help them to give 100% or 1000% of themselves as best they can.”

Then, especially for our Spanish friends, we had the privilege of asking a question exclusively for So Chic, giving us the opportunity to return to this theme of youth by asking them what advice they would give to a young person starting out on their career.

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French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore