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Harmonizing Nature and Emotions: Unveiling the Power of Sustainable Art with D’Gers

Hi, I’m Gersende, but most people call me “DGers” in Singapore’s art scene. I moved here with my family over 6 years ago and quickly became involved in the local art community. I have a background in fine art and have worked in branding, marketing, advertising, and events for over 18 years.

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I’ve always had a passion for meeting new people, exploring different cultures, and capturing moments through photography. Architecture, human nature, and wildlife intrigue me. In my previous roles, I’ve always gravitated towards the creative aspects and building relationships with clients. I believe in offering customized solutions tailored to their specific needs.

What sets me apart is my commitment to sustainability. I incorporate recycled materials into my artwork, creating a strong eco-friendly brand. By introducing art into everyday life, I aim to raise awareness about the environment. My art pieces combine texture, materials, and various techniques to create unique works.

Another important aspect of my work is promoting mental health within communities. Through art workshops and experiences, I help people enhance their emotions, develop self-awareness, cope with stress, boost self-esteem, and improve social skills.

I’m an active member of the Woman Artist Association, having participated in several renowned exhibitions in Singapore. I’m also involved with the Singapore Art Society and have worked on commissioned art murals for various community projects, such as the first community garden in AMK, HDB, and River Valley.

Additionally, I’m a member of the Singapore Sculpture Society, which further expands my artistic network. With my strong networking skills, I have developed a sustainable connection with business owners across various industries in Singapore.

It was a change of life that we decided to do by a common agreement with my husband; in order to experiment others part of the world in term of life and career, Also, we wanted to offer new opportunities to our daughters especially for their education and their culture exposure. One week after my arrival I collaborated at an art exhibition with other artists. Then I decided to be a full-time artist. I quickly created my company and dedicated myself full time to art.

The fact that individuals have expressed their disinterest in visiting museums, their lack of knowledge about art, their financial constraints, or their reluctance to purchase art has sparked my curiosity. It has motivated me to make art accessible to everyone.

My belief is that art should be pervasive in our everyday lives. I draw inspiration from the architecture, vegetation, multiculturalism, social interactions, and joyful or unique experiences in Singapore. I consider art to be indispensable for our well-being, education, and culture. Engaging in the creation or appreciation of art enables people to deepen their emotional experiences, cultivate self-awareness, explore self-expression, manage stress, enhance self-esteem, and develop social skills.

This serves as my daily mission as a passionate artist. I can confidently say that my art reflects this inspiration. I strive to share original and captivating vibes, infusing my work with vibrant colors that evoke positive emotions and garner favorable feedback. As a result, I have curated a collection of merchandise that resonates with people, allowing them to introduce art into their lives through affordable and visually appealing items.

How would you describe your artistic style?

I utilize mixed media techniques and conduct Art therapy workshops focused on self-exploration and addressing mental health challenges. By embracing various techniques like collage, coloring, drawing, painting, photography, and texture sculpting, individuals can tap into their emotions and awaken their inner senses.

What makes my approach unique in Singapore is the integration of Art and sustainability through the upcycling of materials. I create texture and relief in my artworks by repurposing items such as fabrics, jewels, electronics, vegetation, and everyday utensils, catering to the preferences of my customers.

I am available for projects across diverse sectors, including community initiatives, corporate events, tourism, healthcare, education, and individual commissions.

1-I have accomplished my last mural located at Clarke quay for Singapore river.

I take great pride in having one of my creations prominently displayed in this popular tourist and nightlife area. While I was painting, numerous individuals stopped by to admire my artwork, offer words of encouragement, and even take selfies with me.

Initially, I began painting vibrant shophouses, and then transitioned to depicting lush vegetation and fauna. My art style is characterized by its vivid and colorful nature, aimed at bringing joy to those who pass by.


2- I am also part of an organization called CANVAS; whose objectives are to help inmates and ex-inmate to be active again In Singapore life through Art.

I have been conducting Art /recycling workshops for men and women.


3- I am partnering with Ola Works gallery At van Gogh exhibition Sentosa – the new Art gallery – to display and sell my Art merchandise for locals and tourists visiting the place.

Those 3 projects sound like a lot of accomplishments to be present in such different projects for the Singapore scene and society.

Soon I will have several Art exhibitions with my different networking groups;

-Beginning of July I am part of 2 exhibitions in ION gallery.

-Middle of July I am partnering with UOB for private event

-September with the sculpture Art society to show my new concept ; murals with relief, offering a chance to people to react and participate in it.

I have created 2 art pieces dedicated to my 2 daughters

The micron

When my first daughter was six years old, just before our family relocated to Singapore, she would say to me every night, “Mom, I love you as much as millions of microns.” I found it incredibly endearing since millions and microns are contrasting units of measurement.

Her words evoked feelings of fairy tales, admiration, eternal and passionate love, and the dreams shared between a mother and daughter. Inspired by this, I decided to create an artwork that embodies the concept of infinity with vibrant and cheerful colors.

Using iced relief paste and glass pearls, I captured this expression of intense love, preserving it forever. It is now up to you to interpret and maintain this expression in the most positive way possible. This philosophy serves as a reminder to remain strong and open-minded.

The second piece is called “sun of my life”

The artwork, created in France in 2016, marked the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. It exudes an abundance of positive energy, love, hope, and a bright outlook for the future.

The story behind “Sun of my Life” unfolds as follows:

As I sat in front of a blank canvas, engrossed in creating a series of abstract artworks using various materials and blending painting techniques, I pondered on how to portray the essence of the sun. It was during this moment that my daughter entered the room and exclaimed, “Mom, it looks like a sun!” This encounter filled the air with an intense and positive energy, as if a new star had been born.

The painting underwent numerous transformations until it achieved perfection, fueled by my daughter’s inspiration. I applied multiple layers of texture and incorporated diverse painting styles, all while illuminating the profound relationship and connection I shared with my daughter.

The “Sun of my Life” symbolizes the essence of life itself and the energy I draw upon each day, thanks to my daughter.

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