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French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore

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Citadelle Gin’s Recipe for Sustainability

Citadelle Gin is a premium, multi-award-winning French gin created by Alexandre Gabriel – Maison Ferrand owner, Master Blender & Master Distiller – in 1996. It is the first artisanal French gin ever released!

Discover the initiatives led by Citadelle Gin to achieve sustainability!

The new Citadelle distillery, overlooking nine hectares where they have planted more than 2,500 juniper trees, is a masterpiece of modern production inspired by traditional techniques.

Their juniper plants are cultivated using 100% natural methods to ensure their quality and are in the process of obtaining organic certification.

Like juniper berries, lemons play a vital role in the Citadelle recipe. That’s why they are currently designing a greenhouse next door to the distillery, where organic melons and citrus fruits will grow in the local soil.

In addition to nurturing the highest quality natural ingredients, this spacious greenhouse will be heated by an environmentally-friendly system that repurposes the heat generated by the stills during operation.

The offices in the Château de Bonbonnet (France, Cognac region) will also be heated thanks to this sustainable re-use of energy.

Last but not least, Citadelle Gin is creating a nature reserve to protect the natural habitat of the plants and animals that are native to the region, so they can continue to flourish.

Here’s the ultimate French 75 punch to create an ideal party drink. Cherish moments of joy with your family and friends the gin way. Savor this party size punch with a zesty orange twist.


????Citadelle Gin Original: 9cl /3oz

????Ferrand Dry Curacao: 1.5cl /0.5oz

????Freshly squeezed lemon juice: 4.5cl /1.5oz

????Sparkling wine: 12cl / 4oz


????Add gin, Ferrand Dry Curacao & lemon juice in a jug with ice and stir.

????Add Sparkling wine or Prosecco and serve in chilled glasses.

????Garnish with sexy lemon twist????

French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore