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French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore

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Back to work: your must-haves to start the year!



The beginning of the school year was for many of us synonymous with friends and shopping. Was there a better feeling than walking around with a new school bag and a new fashionable outfit?

Our school years may be over, but we think that early September shopping still is an opportunity to start the year well and to go back to work happy and determined to reach your goals.

That’s perfect timing! So Chic listed for you 5 things you (really) need to start September well.

Welcome back!

A special notebook to support all your plans!

Every precious moment deserves a precious keeper

Ideal for your daily notes, journaling or creative ideas, having a notebook on hand is never a bad idea. So Chic fell in love with Blum Collection’s notebooks, inspired by traditional Japanese Goshuinchô.

Anne-Laure, the French founder of Blum Collection, carefully selects the precious fabrics that make her notebooks so special during her gateways across Asia.

Blum Collection’s unique notebooks seem thus to be the perfect gift for you or your loved ones!

A new hairstyle for a new year!

If beach and sun have set the pace for your summer holiday, it’s quite possible that your hair needs a change. Take advantage of September to adopt a back-to-work routine to keep your hair healthy!

Entrust your hair to Yann Beyrie Paris, an exclusive French hair salon on Orchard Road that focuses on creating quality and detailed cuts and colors.

Because the team comes from 5 different cultures and countries, Yann Beyrie Paris can cater to all hair types and textures while guarantying a welcomed French touch in what they do best.

You could also take the opportunity to ask the team for advice about your new hair routine!

(FIY: an interview with Yann Beyrie Paris is coming soon!)

Your skincare routine by Clarins

As we said in our article The essentials for a French skincare routine, we all need a skincare routine to maintain a healthy skin and avoid undesirable spots to show up as soon as summer is over. In a French mind, skincare is even more important than makeup! The best way to maintain your routine over the long term is to keep it simple and use clean & appropriate products.

Clarins designs and produces its skincare products in France and remains faithful to its original philosophy: listening to women to truly understand their needs, and developing safe, natural and highly effective skincare products by using 100% plant ingredients in all products!

It seems to us that Clarins would thus be THE brand you should shop to start spoiling your skin! Do not hesitate to check their tutorials with easy techniques to repeat at home to make the most out of their products!

Give your wardrobe a makeover

You probably don’t need a new schoolbag anymore, but to avoid the back-to-school blues, what better way than a shopping spree? So Chic thought about the perfect brand to make you feel at the heart of an eternal summer: Palem.

Palem is a French premium brand that revisits the traveler’s wardrobe in her daily life, extends the escape, and writes its history on the roads of an Endless Summer. Is it not extremely timely?

Following the three highlights of the journey, the seaside, the escape and the nightfall, Palem reinvents a feminine wardrobe, with prints from elsewhere, warm colors and shapes that emphasize the ease of movement.

Good to know for people in a rush: Palem offers Free delivery in 48 hours island-wide for all purchases above $200!

Some organic chocolate for the mood!

Do you know that consumption of chocolate improves the mood by eliminating symptoms of anxiety? If it seems to be a great reason to buy a few bars for September, you will be even more convinced after discovering Wildness’ sustainability commitments!

Created in New Zealand by Marie, Wildness enables you to discover fine dark organic chocolate here in Singapore. The mixing between their savoir faire – the art of chocolate making in the French way – and their work with Adults with Special Needs at APSN Centre for Adults make Wildness a respected brand, committed to all points.

Icing on the cake, 99% of their chocolates are Vegan!

The one and only French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore
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French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore