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Christofle launches MOOD Asia

Celebrating Asian gastronomy, Christofle launches MOOD Asia, a new member of its iconic MOOD collection

A pioneer in innovation and a master silversmith for almost 200 years, Christofle is always developing the ideal accessories that fit modern lifestyles and gourmet habits. Constantly evolving, and in line with the desires of the time, Christofle unveils a new version of its iconic MOOD collection: MOOD Asia, dedicated to the enjoyment of abundant and tasty Asian cuisine.

To enhance this widely acclaimed cuisine, Christofle developed new chopsticks and chopsticks rests, fully silver plated, and a new soup spoon adapted to Asian bowls.

The silver-plated chopsticks – a novelty from Christofle – have two-level ridges for better food grip. Intended to satisfy all tastes and habits, they present a design at the crossroads of styles of all Asian chopsticks.
They are accompanied by chopstick rests developed exclusively for this MOOD, whose round and solid shape recalls that of the cutlery and their associated case.
A Christofle innovation, 6 new original soup spoons display a format suitable for bowls and 6 dessert forks harmoniously complete MOOD Asia.

MOOD Asia is a new member of the house’s MOOD collection, which was first born in 2015, and has been a bestseller since its creation. The ovoid mirror-steel case, with a comforting and elegant curve, is no longer just a useful object, it becomes a graphic and contemporary decorative element that can be proudly displayed.

Eager to satisfy all desires, the MOOD collection was designed to enhance every moment of pleasure linked to the art of the table. An informal brunch with friends, a weeknight family meal, a lunch on the grass, a coffee accompanied by sweets, a cocktail party with bubbles and nibbles… MOOD addresses each of those moments where pleasure is savored, where sharing takes place and flourishes around food.

Created to be shared, Christofle cutlery adapts to different styles of table, and to diverse dining habits. It invites everyone to share and create the happiness of every moment.

Christofle in a few words

Christofle is a French silversmith’s house which embodies and celebrates the French tradition and art of living through unique know-how. Since 1830, Christofle’s silversmith has never ceased to reinvent itself by enhancing the most beautiful tables around the world, bringing an extra soul to cutlery, decorative objects, jewelry and other exceptional accessories. Rich from a heritage made up of Studio creations and collaborations with renowned designers, Christofle is the absolute reference throughout the world – between heritage and modernity – for what remains as complex as it is universal: l’art sur la table.

French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore