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French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore

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These pastries and chocolates will help you get Christmas-ready

Tis’ the season to be feasting!

Christmas is the holiday of non-stop eating. With the current COVID-19 regulations in Singapore allowing up to five visitors per household, the Christmas feasting is slated to carry on! Read on to find out where you can get desserts and chocolates to complement your savoury menu.

Pass the gravy please! PAUL has got our backs for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Order their festive set menus that serve up to 10 pax! Each set comes with a variety of savoury dishes and sweets — think classic-style herbed turkey, mini macarons, log cakes and more. You an also order Christmas desserts such as their Christmas Chocolate Chalet which resembles a gingerbread house and features gianduja chocolate mousse and praline crisps, with ‘snowy’ icing on the roof.

Need some bitter-sweet food pairing for your rosé or champagne? Wildness Organic Chocolate offers dark chocolate with varying intensity of cacao beans, handmade with the French savoir faire. Little ones can have it as an appetiser, while the adults can enjoy it as an alcohol pairing.

VALRHONA believes in the best in chocolates. One of the most renowned chocolates used in baking, they work to make fine gastronomy fine. If you’re looking to bake your own. desserts from scratch, Valrhona is the chocolate to look for. They also have a variety of recipes you can try, such as tiramisu and chocolate cake.

Le Petit Depot delivers the widest selection of French groceries and food in Singapore. For the upcoming festivities, they have created a Christmas Shop on their website for you to browse their Christmas selection more easily. From log cakes to pastries, and even appetisers, you will definitely be spoilt for choice by their Christmas selections!

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French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore