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Create your own Signature Perfume – So Chic x Maison 21G: French Experience #12

In this So Chic Experience #12, participants had the occasion to learn all the history of perfume thanks to the passionate and founder of Maison 21G, Johanna Monange. Then, they were invited to discover with the experts and founder all the secret & tricks of scent design for a unique sensorial experience…

Participants took a personality quiz designed by Maison 21G. They answered questions that are connected to a set of universal values in life, and their answers are unique to their identity. They shared their personality, their desires and the perfume experts provided them with the tools, the finest ingredients, and the knowledge to create their own perfume!
Johanna goes on to explain: “There are a total of five profiles, however, no two people are alike. They can have the same profile, but the recommended mix of scents differs due to the smaller nuances in their lives, how they value certain things or even their skin tone, for instance. With our algorithm, we can transform anyone into a scent designer! There are over 600 possible combinations, there are endless blends to explore and play around with.”

Maison 21G curates for the participants the finest range of natural ingredients, but they are the ones who create and make the final decision for their final scent.
Johanna’s team only guides them to become their own real scent designers.
At Maison 21G, you have 11 Families and 33 Essence Possibilities of scent at your disposal!

Julien from the brand Sparkle introduced premium organic & biodynamic champagnes to the participants where they had to guess similarities between the taste of different Champagnes and scents.

Thank you to all the participants!
We hope you enjoyed this exclusive evening and you are satisfied with your own signature perfume ????
See you for the next French Experiences!

This unique French Experience was part of the Voilah! Festival.

French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore