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French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore

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Having a So Chic Aperitif: The French savoir vivre

Summer is the perfect season for apéritif. All you need is the perfect spot to enjoy the last rays of light and have fun with friends and loved ones.

Read on to discover what is a So Chic French apéritif and what are the best places in Singapore where we can enjoy special apéritif moments on warm summer nights.

An apéritif is not French if there is no cheese!
Here’s where you can find your favourite cheese in Singapore.
The French Grocer sources the best French cheeses: Camembert, Pont l’Eveque, Brie de Meaux, Roquefort – you’ll be spoiled for choice!
If you have a taste for truffles, you can find Truffle brie at La Petite Boutique, and Jambon de Bayonne for delicatessen lovers.

Cheese always comes with bread!
And Singapore offers a wide choice of amazing bakeries. Maison Kayser offers authentic French baguette and Tiong Bahru Bakeryhas has a larger choice of bread if you feeling more exotic.

All that remains is to find the perfect wine to accompany cheeses and delicatessen!
The red wine Gevrey Chambertin Michel Picard 2011 from Wanderwine is the perfect match.
If you prefer Bordeaux wines instead of Bourgogne (Cabernet Sauvignon grape vs Pinot Noir), Wanderwine dedicated team of wine experts will help you and advice you!

Be careful not to drink wine in plastic glasses as wine always tastes better in wine glasses!

Surrounded by trees on all sides, the Botanic Gardens is great for sophisticated picnics. Take your blanket and select a nice spot of grass to lay down!
So Chic tip: We recommend the spacious Symphony Lake lawn area, especially when there are free music concerts!

The Green Roof of the Marina Barrage is a not-to-be-missed spot in Singapore for picnics and aperitifs. The roof, which offers a 360-degree view of Marina Bay, attracts people to enjoy the scenery and the breeze throughout the year. Bring your picnic blanket, music, some beers and some kites! So Chic tip: Arrive around 6pm to find a good spot, lay out some snacks and drinks, and sit back to admire the sunset on the city skyline.

City dwellers, look no further than East Coast Park to enjoy the sea breeze, rows of coconut trees and sand between the toes. Come with your friends and enjoy the best of apéritif hour with a beach view.
So Chic tip: Choose your spot carefully however – you can be sure the BBQ pits are always full, so do sit at a good distance away; and make sure you can locate the public toilets easily.

Create your ultimate Spotify music playlist for the perfect apéritif atmosphere. From jazz to reggae, pick your favourite summer time tunes to put you in the mood and enjoy the last rays of sun.

A classic apéritif activity is to play Pétanque with friends. Known as the King of Apéritf, this famous game of balls hails from the south of France.
So Chic tip: Each game is played in 13 points and you can score points by placing balls closer to the goal than your opponent.

Another fun activity is to play cards games.
Bring your favourite deck, whether it’s UNO, blackjack or trivia questions, card games are a good idea to begin an evening of fun and laughter!

French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore