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French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore

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Between insolence & elegance! – So Chic x Chanel : So Chic French Experience #4

Elegant, extravagant, versatile, independent… So Chic experience #4 took place at Chanel, a private evening in Coco’s treasure box under the signs of grace and insolence for a cruise around the universe of the Maison‘s jewelry. As the delicately fancy evening took over, our 30 lovely guests arrived smoothly in what was more than a jewelry outlet. They step into a venue imbued of Gabrielle Chanel’s presence, from the sophisticated furniture Coco loved so much to the pieces of art made of gems and gold exhibited in immaculate receptacles of glass.

Mr. Patrick started the evening with the enchanting story of Chanel’s jewelry collection, telling us how the impertinent Gabrielle decided to break the codes of jewelry, revealing to us the secrets hidden behind these fine ornaments and ultimately making us fall in love with the elegant pieces that complement the finest women. Then it was time for our guests to try and wear the jewels under the advice of the elegantly black-dressed vendors. Of course, the evening would not be complete without champagne, fine canapés and a Chanel bag filled with gifts for our guests to go back with!

Ready for the next So Chic experience? Become a mixologist for a night with Pernod Ricard! Stay tuned for more So Chic experiences.

I want my jewelry to be like ribbons in a woman’s hands. Supple and flexible.
Coco Chanel

So Chic launches So Chic experiences, to bring a touch of France right here to Singapore, for all who are in search of experience and inspiration that is French, from gastronomy to art de vivre, fashion, beauty and luxury. An immersion in the French cultural ecosystem, So Chic experiences will allow participants to attend masterclasses and take part in new experiences offered by brands, partners. Each month, a new world of activity to explore, go behind-the-scenes with a French chef, French designer, French atelier. Find out more about So Chic experiences here.

French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore