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Hermès Carré Club in Singapore, a Silk Scarf Fantasyland: Pop-Up Experience

Open for three days only, the exclusive Carré Club pays tribute to the Maison’s iconic silk square.

Hermès Carré Club Pop-Up: From 19–21 October 2018

Famed French fashion house Hermès invites you to the Hermès Carré Club, a memorable experience of free-spirited exploration and collective joy. So Chic was here on the first day and will tell you all about it! Believe me, as French people would say “ça vaut le détour!” (It’s worth your time). From the elegant and intriguing red reception desk where guests check in, to the Carré Disco where you can dance the night away, leading your way through the 9 active concepts nestled amongst a lush scenery a stone’s throw away from Orchard Road, there’s no time to rest, you’ll be swept away into the iconic silk square’s universe.

After a small trip in one of Hermès’ van (Carré-van), you take your first step in the chic and funny space the luxury brand has created for you. From the very beginning of your journey, you’re immersed in a glamorous yet unconventional dimension, welcomed in the Carré Click and Check by 3 beautiful women and a funny mustache guy waiting for you, behind a counter, in a spacious quilted room. You check in happily, receive your privilege card and it’s time for an Instagram break. Yes, Hermès has arranged a boomerang space with props and perfect lighting. So take your Hermès scarf and put on your brightest smile, you are in front of the camera. Share your snap, it’s #CarreClub, then hop on the next concept!

You arrive in the heart and the soul of Hermès, the Carré Studio. There’s so much to see when you arrive at the top of the stairs, I don’t even know where to start. First, you’re amazed by this wall of colours with messages on it, then you turn your head and you see these people drawing breathtaking frescoes! These are the artists behind the amazing designs of Hermès’ silk scarves. Here is Gianpaolo Pagni, then you see Ugo and Jean-Simon, then comes Alice Shirley and so many more talents. They are concentrated, working on their design but if you’re curious, just go to them, they’ll talk to you. Alice Shirley herself told us how a silk scarf starts with a simple sketch, then goes to the studio in Paris, then to the engraver in Lyon, then to the colourists, the process is beautifully complex!

Then it’s time for a makeover, you arrive at the Carré Cut. Imagine a salon with mirrors, wigs, hairdressers, stylist, photographers, etc. This room is here to make you beautiful, wear the colors of Hermès on yourself.

Now that you’re all pretty, it’s time for a little bit of poesy with the Carré Stories. You arrive in a space with a line of yellow phones. Put the handset on your ears, and you’ll hear some touching confessions on the silk scarves, and if you want to, you can share your own secrets with the phone. Suddenly, at the corner, you’ll see secret rooms, that is the Carré-OK. Guess what? It’s a karaoke, pick your favourite scarf, and you’ll get the opportunity to sing the song that comes with it.

Now, if you’re tired, you can head to the Carré Café. The bar has a heavenly coffee smell and you can order the food that food stylist, photographer and barista CR Tan prepared. Take a sit and enjoy some relaxing time, or go the retro arcade games room. The space is literally a café combined with a salon and a cabaret.

After your little café, I recommend you going to the Carré Mania. You’ll have an encounter with the autumn-winter 2018 scarf collection and some limited editions that you might fall in love with…

For the partygoers, you can end with the Carré Disco on the square danceflour (of course, it has to be square) or at the Carré Park with skaters. How to end your journey? Music and party under the lights of Hermès or show at the Carré Park with the skater tricks, that’s for you to chose, we let you discover everything, you have to go and discover for yourself!


Shuttle services run to and from Hermès Carré Club every 15 minutes from 11am to 8pm daily.

Hop on a Carré-van at:

Liat Towers taxi stand (next to Hermès at Liat Towers)

Plaza Singapura taxi stand

For drop-offs only, head to 3 Lady Hill Road.

Please note that parking facilities will not be available on site.

French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore