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French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore

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5 Questions with… French bag designer Carinne Abou-Huguet

Looking for something unique to elevate your outfit? Try KeenBags, designed by Carinne Abou-Huguet, a creative mind who has a vast passion for fashion. Before arriving in Singapore, Carinne was in Dubai, expanding her business. The growth of her creation and success enabled her to form her business in 2012.

A little anecdote: The name “KeenBags” comes from Carinne’s childhood nickname Keen, since this is a personal business venture for her, she incorporated a piece of her past in her future. So Chic spoke with Carinne to ask about the inspiration behind KeenBags and more about her entrepreneurial journey in Singapore. Read our interview here!

What is KeenBags and why bags?

I create tote bags and waterproof wallets ensuring that it meets the needs of those who carry the bag.

The inspiration came about from the fact that I carry a handbag every day, and a large tote bag on weekends! As a mother of twins, I needed a resistant bag, and full of convenient details, such as a key-holder, a pocket for my phone etc… The bag I designed also included waterproof pouches to protect all essentials from water, whether you are at the beach or the swimming pool. When having a bag with so many important essentials, some would be worried when finding things in it, with it having so many handy features it will definitely put my mind at ease.

My first collections are strongly inspired by my life in the Middle East. Newly settled in Singapore, I last made a traditional Batik fabric that I recoloured to get an exclusive pattern for KeenBags.

How to style with KeenBags?

I always bring my sandals With My Sands to have a large choice of comfortable sandals, light and easy to pack. I also grab a few comfy clothes from Capsule Collection by Juliette, soft fabrics and easy to match. To complete my outfit, I add rings from Darsala, an easy way to wear a touch of colour! I’m a big fan!

What places in Singapore have you discovered?

I enjoy local places, as I’m able to learn more about the Asian culture. For shopping, a favorite of mine is Paris & Me at Cluny Court, there is a mix of different European styles. Besides fashion, I also like to dine at Tiong Bahru, as they are a couple of places that have European food which is a comfort food for me.

How has your entrepreneur experience here been?

I’m focusing on finding local distributors to reference my bags and pouches in their shops. My exclusive designs and long-lasting quality are my strengths in the retail industry. It is a big challenge for me to be part of the retail Asian market, however, I am working hard on it.

As an entrepreneur, I strongly value my friends’ small businesses and love enjoying their creations as much as they enjoy mine!

Any upcoming projects you would like to share with us?

My online shop KeenBags is operational and a new collection will soon be ready to travel worldwide. Shipment in Singapore is free of charge, enjoy!

French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore