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5 Questions with… French fashion designer-mum Juliette C

If you are looking to dress effortless chic, classy but casual, look no further, Juliette Capillaire has a great suggestion: a jumpsuit. In this interview, French fashion designer-mum Juliette shares with So Chic about her fashion inspirations, her move from Paris to Dubai to Singapore, the pieces in her ready-to-wear collection, Capsule Collection by Juliette, and a few tips on how to wear a good jumpsuit.

You lived in Paris and Dubai before Singapore. Why did you make the move here and how does life here compare to life in those two cities?

I followed my husband to Dubai, and then Singapore, and for an entrepreneur, Singapore is a great place! The economy is good and there is still room for newcomers, especially in the fashion industry.

Singapore has been for me the perfect combination to live my life as a business woman and a mum, and the whole family is very happy here!

How did you get into fashion design?

I’ve always loved fashion since I was a child! I started designing children clothing, and after a few years, it became quite natural to design clothes for women.

My background is in luxury jewelry and watchmaking, so I had to take a course at Esmod.

When I decided to start, the most important thing is creativity, that is to say never planning and allowing creativity to surprise me every day!

We’ve noticed you love jumpsuits! Why is that?

The jumpsuit is an effortless chic garment, when the cut is perfect and the material is beautiful
Juliette C

For me it is the instant outfit! It is an effortless chic garment, when the cut is perfect and the material is beautiful.

With the right fit, jumpsuits and rompers fall effortlessly and stylishly over your body. Comfort is so important for working women and busy moms… jumpsuits are the exact point where style and comfort meet.

It is super versatile and easily replaces a dress for any occasion as we can dress it down or up depending on your accessories. It is my star outfit!

What are your favorite brands?

Barbara Bui, Isabel Marant, Ba-sh, Sessun, etc. so many more!

Any upcoming projects you would like to share with us?

I have always worked with the same fabric, a beautiful blend made out of viscose and silk. Of course I will continue using it, but I am now working on other materials to enlarge my collection! Stay tuned!

French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore