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White is the new Anastasia : Kusmi Tea’s new white tea blend

Less known than green or black tea, white tea is often considered the most noble. Fine, rare and delicate, it consists only of young shoots and tea buds delicately harvested by hand, just once a year in the spring, then dried in the sun. Symbol of purity, it is a tea that undergoes the least transformation and alteration, conferring a subtle taste and its preserved benefits.

Among Kusmi Tea’s first recipes, which remain closely guarded secrets today, stands the quintessential Anastasia, a blend of black teas, bergamot, lemon, and orange blossom. This iconic tea takes inspiration from the legend of the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov, the fourth daughter and heir to the Tsar Nicolas II, who mysteriously disappeared in July 1918 during the execution of the royal family, spawning one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century.

A delicate combination of orange blossom, bergamot, and subtle notes of lemon, White Anastasia is an exclusive and innovative Kusmi recipe and a new gastronomic adventure that draws from the long history of the tea house founded by Pavel Kousmichoff in 1867. A tea bound to ravish tea connoisseurs, enter a historic world, of refinement and sophistication with this new white tea.

  • Ingredients: white tea, green tea, essential oils of bergamot, of lemon, natural flavourings
  • Recommended steeping time: 3 minutes
  • Water temperature: 80°C

Metal Tin 90G, 3,17 OZ. – Price: $42
20 muslin tea bags 44G 1,55 OZ.- Price: $35

Kusmi Tea is located at Takashimaya, Basement 1.

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French Shopping, Dining & Lifestyle guide in Singapore